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Morgan Cox: Program Coordinator

I am an Junior studying computer science at Mines. I am excited to help kids learn about computer science and how it effects our everyday lives! In my free time I love working on projects, hanging out with friends and playing sports!

Jordan Schmerge

I am an instructor for CSCI-101 and a PhD student at Mines. I did my undergrad and master's here as well and I work in the area of high performance computing. I have all kinds of weird interests and hobbies outside of computer science, including collecting model trains and old American currency, playing and following professional sports (including e-sports!), reading, and learning about all the cool things going on in the world outside our field.

Adrian Grey Estrada

Hello! I am a senior in Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines.I am often keeping myself busy with my studies, playing whatever video game piques my interest, or listening to music. I enjoy spending time with my friends and the memories that come with it. I enjoy Mines for the sense of community I've gotten, as well as the challenging, but highly enjoyable classes. I look forward to contributing to PATHS and the field of Computer Science this upcoming year!

Alexander Langfield

I am currently majoring in computer science and putting an emphasis on cyber security. Outside of computer science I try to live a rich life in the mountains. When I’m not pounding away at my keyboard, I’m climbing or backpacking. I continuously strive to find the work life balance without sacrificing too much of either. As Mines students we can all relate to the difficulty of this task.

Amanda Lam

I am a freshman at Mines this year. I am a Colorado native and graduated from D'Evelyn High School. I am so excited to be majoring in computer science at Mines. I've always wanted to help get more students interested in computer science and the PATHS program will allow me to do just that.

Amira Gonzalez

I am a junior in Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines. I was born in Chile and moved to Lakewood, Colorado, when I was 9 years-old. In my free time I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of art mediums, from drawing to photography to face painting, as well as video games, soccer, archery, and more. Despite having a variety of different interests I decided to study Computer Science because of how applicable the field is. I wish to apply technology in areas which lack or could benefit from it, for instance, mental health. I want to not only watch as innovative solutions are developed but hopefully create those developments myself while encouraging others to do the same.

Andrew Darling

I'm a second year PATHS Scholar at Mines. College at the Colorado School of Mines has served as an excellent opportunity for me to not only explore my interest in computer science with classmates and friends sharing similar passions but also to think critically about how I'd like to impact the world. It hasn't been easy but Mines provides the resources to help me tackle issues I'm passionate about addressing. Two issues I'd like to address include America's suicide epidemic and outdated approach to learning.

Boden Lanham

I am a Colorado native and a Sophomore at Colorado School of Mines pursuing my major in Computer Science. I have always been interested in STEM and am looking forward to learning even more about the world of Computer science and getting to know more amazing people that are a part of it.

Casey Dumas

Hi! I am a freshman at Mines. I was born and raised in Colorado, and have lived pretty much everywhere on the east side of the mountains. I enjoy traveling, reading, painting, and much more! I have a passion for technology, and am very thankful for my chance to study Computer Science and be a part of PATHS.

Christian Prather

Hi! I recently transferred to School of Mines from Red Rocks Community College Spring of 2019. I am a Colorado native and grew up not more than 15 minutes from Mines. During whatever free time I may have I enjoy working on robotics projects or long-boarding, if the weather is cooperative. Last year I founded a company to produce educational electronics kits to students for cheap while still maintaining a high level of functionality. I hope to graduate and really pursue growing my company. I decided on CS, because I believe it allows me the best opportunity to develop skill sets that I may use to impact the lives of many. I chose Mines because it has an amazing Computer Science department and the community in the department is incredibly supportive.

Cindy Rodriguez Ornales

I am a sophomore at Colorado School of Mines planning on majoring in Computer Science, with a potential minor in biomechanical or biomedical. I was born and raised in Colorado and have loved everything about it. I decided to come to Mines because pursuing a career in the STEM field feels incredibly empowering, and, in doing so, I hope to inspire my sisters and others – showing that, even if there are obstacles in the STEM field, those can be overcome with passion and determination. I hope that through computer science I will be able to help others and give back to my community.

Collette Haberland

I am in my second year at Mines. I absolutely loved my first year at Mines, especially within the computer science department. Everyone is such diligent workers, that I am inspired everyday to push myself more and more. I cannot wait to take more computer science classes and figure out what focus I want. I also am involved with Greek life on campus; I am in Alpha Phi. I am the Director of Social Media for my chapter, and I am also the Intramural and Club Sports Marketing Executive! I love to keep busy and cannot wait to see what this year has in store!

Damian Zhou

I am a freshman this year. I have lived in Colorado for my whole life and am the eldest of 5 other siblings. When I am not wasting my life away reading too many sci-fi books, you can find me absorbed in my laptop learning new(and sometimes useless) things. I have always enjoyed sharing my love for learning with others, be it my siblings, other students, or parents so being able to continue this as part of the PATHS program is something that I really look forward to.

David Ochoumare

I'm a freshman in Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines. I was born in Benin and I came to the United States at age 3. One thing that I hope to gain is the knowledge and experience that I will have here. I love anything that has to do with sports and I am very active. I hope to enjoy all there is to have at Mines.

Dylan Norris

I am a Junior currently majoring in Computer Science on the Computer Science and Data Science track. I am getting more involved on campus including the Acts of Random Kindness club and resident advising. So far I have had a great time here at the Colorado School of Mines and plan to continue to have a great time. If I am not around to be seen I am probably either studying or playing some video game in my room with my close friends and family. Through PATHS, I look forward to introducing future students to the vibrant CS@Mines community

Hayley Vinton

Hello! I am a transfer student from Front Range Community College starting at Mines in Fall of 2019. I am an Applied and Computational Mathematics major with plans of minoring in Computer Science. As a Colorado native, I have wanted to attend the School of Mines for as long as I can remember, and could not be more excited to be part of such a reputable school and program such as PATHS. I look forward to inspiring, motivating, and mentoring others with Computer Science; a field that I believe can be as fulfilling as it is challenging.

Ivan Santos

I will be going into my sophomore year as a computer science student here at Mines. I come from the rural parts of Aguascalientes, Mexico, but grew up in Denver up to the present day. Ever since I was little, I have grown a passion for soccer, and it is a sport I cannot live without. I came to realize my favorite application for numbers, logic, and math was computer science thus current field of study. I was raised and taught by my parents to always work my guts out because it would pay off eventually. I look forward to another year with this amazing program!

Jon Serrano

I'm a freshman going into Computer Science at Mines. I grew up in Denver and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School. I like to geek out over video games, physics, math, and various other things. I'm super excited to be able to learn about the field and contribute to the community at Mines!

Jordan Tehranchi

As an incoming freshman, I believe that PATHS is not only a verbal definition for a certain program but rather a community and inherent guideline for learning the whims and ways of technology. If I were to define PATHS under a single word, I would express it as "inspiration." Without having yet stepped foot into the shoes of a PATHS member, I still can sense the program's welcoming and very motivated Computer Science and Community Outreach prospect. My name is Jordan T, and I really look forward to meeting with all to share the memories that will come. Thanks!

Kieran Lewis

I am a Comp Sci sophomore. I was born in England but have lived here in Colorado since elementary school. I came to computer science originally to make video games, but now I plan to use those skills to make our world a better place in the future. For the past three years, I have been participating in a summer internship at the Space arm of Lockheed Martin, helping to develop Virtual Reality experiences. In my free time, I like to work on programming side-projects, play games, and learn foreign languages. With PATHS, I aim to help my fellow students reach their full potential and to join me in saving the world.

Kyle Moran

Hey, my name is Kyle Moran and I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at CSM. I’m a Colorado born native and couldn't bear to leave. I love hiking, camping and ultimate frisbee. I run Cross Country and Track and Field and love the team.I’ve always liked computers and fell in love with programming after taking a class in high school. I came to Mines because of their great STEM programs and have no regrets. I’m excited to help the next generation of PATHS Scholars and bolster the future Mines Computer Science program.

Levi Ortega

I’m a freshman CS major. I’ve always been really into Computers, video games, and just tech in general. A few years back I decided to teach myself how to program. I say that I taught myself programming very loosely as most of my learning came from the wonderful teachers and mentors I had around to help guide me through some tough spots. It’s this very environment that drew me towards both Mines and the PATHS program in the first place. Outside of school I love to spend time with my 6 younger siblings and improve my overall strength through powerlifting and BJJ. I’m really excited to get involved with CS@Mines and get to know all of my peers!

Nicholas Woodward

PATHS; a program that encapsulates this spirit of discovery, of companionship, leadership, and ultimately, helping each other move forward on our journeys. By the end, we'll have learned about each other, about our passions, and about this magnificent world of magic that we call technology. I've already set foot on my own path, witnessing the beyond through aerospace design, imagining the impossible through game development, and rendering my thoughts through artistic expression. My name is Nicholas Woodward, and I am glad to have found some other travelers to walk this journey with!

Orden Aitchedji

I'm a Computer Science Master's student at Mines scheduled to graduate in December 2019. I also received a CS Bachelor's degree last December 2018 from Mines. Before Mines, I went to Red Rocks community college where I completed my Associates Of Science with an emphasis in Cyber Security. While at Mines, I had the chance to meet great individuals with whom I was able to learn and grow alongside. Within PATH'S I connected with awesome new comrades, had the opportunity to be a role model as well as participate in really fun activities. Through it all, Mines has become one of my favorite places. I plan to continue on with a Ph.D. degree here at Mines.

Quintin White

I am a freshman at Mines. I was born an raised in Colorado. I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee and hiking 14ers. I am left handed but I ski righty. Baseball is my favorite sport and if I were a flag I'd be the flag of Portugal.

Randi Higashi

I am a freshman at Colorado School of Mines. I was born in California and raised in Colorado. Most of my time is spent running, taking photos, and being with family and friends. I have always been fascinated by the functioning mechanisms of the world, so naturally STEM was my calling. Ever since I took my first programming class in high school, I knew I wanted to pursued an education in Computer Science. Seeing my products come to life with a few lines of writing was captivating! As a PATHS scholar, I hope to inspire and help others learn about the world of Computer Science. I am excited to continue my passions in coding and track here at Mines. I can not wait to be apart of the PATHS program!

Shania Jo RunningRabbit

I am a second-year here at Mines studying Computer Science. I'm from a small rural town called Lamar here in Colorado which is very different from living near the mountains in Golden. My first year at Mines has been an awesome experience and was everything I expected and more. There are so many opportunities to get involved, especially in the CS department, and it has been so welcoming from the start. For this upcoming year, I'll be a U-CLIMB mentor which will be a great way to immerse myself even more in Computer Science and be able to help those first entering the CS field! I am really looking forward to another year here at Mines!

Stephen Thoemmes

I will be entering my second year studying Computer Science at Mines; I am especially interested in Data Science. Beyond programming and computer science endeavours, I ballroom dance and brew my own kombucha recreationally. I love to learn new languages—inside and outside of programming—and I look forward to snowboarding every winter. I want to bring about some positive change in the world. I am immensely grateful to have become a part of the PATHS program, and am excited to see where it can take us!